K2GL Donation



Sandy Donahue W4RU (SK), Tim Mallory AI4B (SK) and Sherman Banks W4ATL traveled to the QTH of Hazard “Buz” Reeves K2GL (SK). Buzz Reeves left the Georgia Tech Amateur Radio Club his extensive ham radio equipment which became the basis of the club’s Foundation account that provides an annual income to keep the club running.

K2GL developed a world class contest station that operated under the call N2AA. The operators were very upset that the equipment was donated to W4AQL but this donation created a reliable source of income for the club to pay bills during times when the membership was down. Before this donation the club was always struggling to pay bills and purchase equipment.

Traveling up Tim was late getting to the gate. He was carrying on his tool box on the plane. After 9/11 this would be unthinkable but it was routine before 9/11 as long as you didn’t try to carry on traditional weapons such as large knives and firearms. He shouted down the plane to us as he boarded, with his toolbox high in the air, that security took his ice pick but let him keep everything else.

1987 Buz Reeves Estate